Roborant - Roborant EP (2009)

(2009) RapidShare

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sexy dijo...

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Paulo dijo...

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Shmu dijo...

Hi Mina,

What a wonderful blog you have! Really interesting and eclectic music you post like Roborant. I wanted to make contact with you because I have a solo project called Shmu, and I think you might like it judging by your tastes. The music can best be described as a blend of shoegaze/dream-pop & psychedelic with tinges of glitch, minimalism and folk rock. I'm originally from Toronto, Canada but I now reside in Austin, TX performing, writing and recording. has a free sampler of the album or sample a couple of songs at
If you decide to post any songs off the record or the entire record, please let me know and I'd be glad to send you the links!

Hope you like the tunes!

Best Regards,


Cormax dijo...

HI, Buddy! blog walking, wanna exchange links? my site
'll be glad to cooperate