Antología #1 - Songs of teh Valentine's Day Massacre

[Own Made] MM

1. Say Hi to your Mom - Sweet Sweet Heartkiller
2. Bon Iver - Skinny Love
3. Phoenix - Playground Love (Air cover)
4. Richard Hawley - Valentine
5. the Virgins - Love is Colder than Death
6. Al Green - How do you Mend a Broken Heart
7. City & Colour - Forgive Me
8. Tegan & Sara - Where does the Good go?
9. Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - All the Way Down
10. Ryan Adams - Why do they Leave?
11. Soko - I'll kill her
12. José González - Teardrop (Massive Attack Cover)
13. the Shocking Pinks - This Aching Deal
14. Feist - My Heart Behaves

8 comentarios:

Bezzi dijo...

Nice shirt, nice songs!

dramma queen dijo...

please... someone can learn me to use
every time i try to download something,
all my windows close automatically!!
please, help!!!

R. Garrido dijo...

you maybe have a "conflict" with your internet browser, or, you're makin' up some really heavy files...

what do you want to upload and from wich format?

(i'll help if i can)

dramma queen dijo...

no cre k sea eso... pork puedo descargar de cualkior otro servidor... asi, el masmirror le clikeo y me abre otra ventana, y ahi hasta arriba del lado derecho pararece "skip this add", le doy click ahi y pf... todo desaparece... hasta me borra los ultimos 2 archivos k baje...........

R. Garrido dijo...

dios! necesitas la salvación de un cibernauta genial! hmmm...

Anónimo dijo...

the Phoenix song is not a cover. Thomas Mars wrote it.

Lucas Beriain dijo...

Yes, nice shirt. Im from Argentina. Visit my blog:

Anónimo dijo...

i cant open the file..
well better luck for me the next time..